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#2 Product of the WeekDecember 14, 2015


Saul Fleischman
  • Saul Fleischman
    Saul FleischmanRiteKit Founder & CEO

    Free and worked on all web pages (it did not use the iFrame solution)


    They ended the service months ago.

    See their site; they shut down.


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Oren Barzilai
Oren BarzilaiMaker@orenbarzilai
We soft launched an invite only version of Start A FIRE about 5 months ago, and spent the time to learn about our users and optimize the product. Today, with zero marketing budget, over 600 brands are using Start A FIRE. Those brands includes small companies and fortune 100 companies, and we feel Start A FIRE is mature enough to remove the invite only barrier. We built Start A FIRE to address the primary challenges that have become major pain points on the social web: attribution and content distribution. Start A FIRE enables you to seamlessly promote your brand and content over any link you share, get the attribution for sharing great content while increasing discovery for your content. Would love to get your feedback and answer any question
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@orenbarzilai Great to see this launched :) Have seen many people use it and had signed up but I don't spend enough time curating articles to share to make use of it just yet. Think it's a great product. What is the most common piece of feedback you have received? At what point in the onboarding/first uses does it usually stick for your users? I know I used it once of twice but didnt again, but this has a lot to do with my content situation and not so much your process :)
Yuval Shoshan
Yuval ShoshanMaker@yuvals · Building @parrotread
@bentossell @orenbarzilai Hi Ben! Thanks for the kind words :) The most common feedback is about the product's seamless experience, and how we can make it better. For example, the big advantage of the product is that it's fully integrated with services such as Buffer, HubSpot and Oktopost, so we get ton of integration requests with more services. Regarding to the onboarding, usually it takes a few mins to finish the flow and in the last step most of the users connect a social media service, and that's it - you don't need to come back every day to our product to use it.
Ben Tossell
Ben Tossell@bentossell · Services for startups
@yuvals @orenbarzilai awesome :) definitely key for a product like this to be seamless and integrate easily. You should speak with @danielkempe to look at an integration with Quuu ;)
Jennifer Aldrich
Jennifer Aldrich@jma245 · UX & Content Strategist at InVision
@orenbarzilai Congrats on the official launch, guys! StartAFire is such a fantastic tool, it's great that even more folks in the tech industry will have the opportunity to use it!
Yuval Shoshan
Yuval ShoshanMaker@yuvals · Building @parrotread
@jma245 @orenbarzilai Thank you Jennifer!
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)
Bram Kanstein (@bramk)Hunter@bramk · Working on @nocodemvp (pre-launch)
Services like this have popped-up before but @yuvals, @NaTaylor24, @orenbarzilai and @odedgolan are doing a great job at making Start A FIRE (awesome name) the best there is :) I've been using this for a while and have seen some great results. They also integrate with my favorite newsletter creating tool Revue :)
Natalie Taylor
Natalie TaylorMaker@nataylor24 · Social Media Manager, start A FIRE
@bramk Thanks Bram! We really appreciate all the love & support (and awesome GIF!)
Lucas Lindsey
Lucas Lindsey@urbnist · Executive Director, Domi Station
@bramk Great hunt. I've also enjoyed integrating StartaFire with my Revue newsletter. Excellent use case.
Natalie Taylor
Natalie TaylorMaker@nataylor24 · Social Media Manager, start A FIRE
@urbnist @bramk Thanks for sharing Lucas! Truly appreciate it :)
Matthew Hui
Matthew Hui@matthui · Founder @
@bramk I agree that the name is awesome
Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
I see the value in this and the execution is great but as a recipient, I'm annoyed by these embedded popups. Tbh, if you're sharing links on Twitter that inject an "ad", I'll unfollow you.
Ghost Influence
Ghost Influence@ghostinfluence · Social Engineer
@rrhoover I agree, it's got to be used selectively and intentionally — not broadly and as much as possible (which is likely how most will)
Bryan Landers
Bryan Landers@bryanlanders · COO, Backstage Capital
@rrhoover Agreed. It's a bit irksome to click the 'x' to close the popup in order to have the actual URL saved to Pocket/ On mobile, the tiny 'x' doesn't seem to even redirect to the embedded page. I think I'd like this more in the context of the experience of viewing an email digest but in the browser - something where part of the user value is keeping the sharer in mind.
Shari Wright Pilo
Shari Wright Pilo@shari_pw · Owner Shar-i
I have been using Start A Fire for a few months and love it! It is the product that I was looking for for clients and brands that I work with. It has evolved and the team has listened to feedback, actually not only listened, but they have implemented so many amazing changes and new functionality and integrated with leading platforms. I am happy to hear that they have announced that they have opened the doors to everyone ! I wish them all the best - I'm sold!
Oded Golan
Oded GolanMaker@odedgolan · Co-Founder & CTO, start A FIRE
@shari_pw Thanks Shari, your feedbacks were very valuable. When we get great insights it's always fun to put it into the product.
Meghan Keaney
Meghan Keaney@meghkeaney · Director of Product Marketing, HubSpot
Have been using it for awhile now. I think start a fire does a really nice job of weaving together your different properties on the web. Connects medium posts to your personal blog to your favorite social shares. It's something I think will become more and more important as your content becomes more far flung on other platforms and sites. I'm a fan.
Oded Golan
Oded GolanMaker@odedgolan · Co-Founder & CTO, start A FIRE
@meghkeaney Indeed it's a growing ecosystem. We are very lucky to have you from the beginning.