Stars for iMessage

All the links in iMessage chat are stored here

This is a storage for all the links that have been shared in a conversation, so you won't need to scroll up MILES to find a single link shared with you a month ago.

Save all the links like you are adding pages to Favorites in Web browser.

Save your time by no digging in chat history

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Hi all and thanks to PH team for this great platform! My name is Ulan and this a small iMessage extension I've made, because I really wish iMessage would have a feature to save all the links in a conversation similar to Whatsapp or Telegram. Many times I have to scroll HOURS to find a single link. Also the app fetches older messages very lazily, so it’s a lot of wait and scroll again. And when you get a new message while you're searching, it will run to the bottom again! So we try to display the links in more organized way. Look forward to all your feedback on how to improve the app!