Staring At The Sun - NOIZ

Remix pop artist Little Boots' new track via NOIZ app collab

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Hi! I'm Victoria, sometimes known as @littleboots I'm a pop/ electronic artist from London that can't seem to keep away from the world of tech... I know NOIZ has already been featured on Product Hunt but I wanted to share my new single which I've just released not only as a standard audio single but also in remixable form via NOIZ! Its something I've wanted to do for a long time so I'm so happy I could work with the guys from @StudioAmplify to make this happen. I'm super pleased with the results and all my fans are loving it, check it out if you can would love to hear what you think. I hope the future is full of lots of exciting collaborations between the worlds of music and tech! Victoria
Developer here. We're also really proud of how well it came out ! Hi5s all round. It's been really gr8 working with @littleboots. Such a pleasure working with a musician who gets tech!
@littleboots @studioamplify this is amazing. Love the collaboration and awesome work on NOIZ Jonah & Alex!
@littleboots @studioamplify @jonah_fox Never heard of NOIZ before... looking forward to playing around with this! Thank you.
Here's a video of the track being performed on NOIZ >>>
Ok you had me at the verse but the chorus is awesome! And I will NEVER get tired of the draggable filters and swooshes.... sooooo cool. Nice work everyone!