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Hello everyone, Stanley is the world’s first chatbot recruitment assistant that captures your voice. A Facebook messenger bot that takes care of all things recruitment for you - 24/7. From answering recruitment related inquiries, processing job applications, interviewing potential candidates to creating a shareable audio profile for candidates you’d want to review and share, Stanley handles it all. Despite most of the population being a few clicks away through their smartphone on social media and messengers, some conversations in recruitment are still moving along very slowly simply because they’re still happening over Email, a channel that’s less monitored. This is why Talkpush has created Stanley to engage every candidate as soon as they’ve expressed interest in applying, to chat with them over messenger, gather their career interest, collect their contact information and conduct a screening interview with them all within minutes of their application! When the interview has been completed, Talkpush will create a profile for the candidates and send it to the recruiters for them to review. Once decisions like shortlisting or rejecting a candidate is made, Stanley the bot will notify the candidate via messenger to make sure the candidates are always kept in loop, real time. How it works for potential candidates: Clicks on an Ad or Job Posting from the internet Lands on the Messenger account of their desired employer Converse with Stanley Initiates a conversation by clicking on Getting Started Gets guided through the application process by selecting job openings Provides their contact details via conversations Gets invited to an audio/chat based interview depending on employer Records/types their answers for a few questions Completes the interview Wait for Stanley to keep them updated in real time about: Interview completion and profile delivery confirmation Recruiter shortlist/reject decisions Recruiter’s attempt to contact via direct messages Move onto something else in life Let us know if you're interested in having Stanley in your recruitment team!
I can't believe there is a Chatbot named after me....and I am also in recruitment. Hilarious.
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This is really interesting. Just curious, Sharon, what made you develop the product?
@sucharith_menon Thanks Sucharith for the question. We actually have a recruitment platform as our core product which helps recruiter in processing applicants, running automated interviews over the phone, qualifying them and scheduling their in-person visit onsite...etc., We've been expanding our inbound channels and integrating with many different sources of candidates in the past year to support recruiters. While supporting traditional phone interviews is sufficient to speed up some part of the recruitment process, it isn't ground breaking or doesn't open up our platform to a brand new source of candidates that lives entirely on messenger platforms. This made us shift our focus towards the chatbot, not only does the chatbot automate the entire application process, it also conducts the interview all without any sort of supervision. We're updating our platform in the next round of release to allow recruiters and candidates to engage in real time chat whenever the human decides to take over from the bot too! Stay tuned for more interesting updates on our development!