Standuply 3.0

The future of remote work. Put management on autopilot.


Standuply is a Digital Scrum Master for remote teams on Slack.

We believe remote teams deserve better communication, less meetings and strong culture.

Standuply 3.0 is more robust and powerful. Now, 15,000 great teams including Slack, IBM, Adobe, Ebay, Evernote use Standuply to make their work more productive👍

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Exercise scientist, founder, dreamer

Chat agent is saying: "Our team is on public holidays so no progress, sorry."


We rely on Standuply a lot. Paid for the service. Used to recommend it. But...


As of today (June 12, 2019) Standuply hasn't been working for 2 days.

Founder, CoderList - ⛏ Maker

Been using this for our remote teams and it's been super useful. Great product.


Nice simple way to get a standup done for our remote team.


Slightly too many notifications.

Head Mentor of Google Launchpad

When working across MENA setting up innovation programmes, I need to be able to communicate with my team across the region. Some areas do not have reliable or speedy internet connections and the time difference across regions mean that video calls are out. Having Standuply connected through Slack, I can ensure that all my team is aligned in what they are doing day to day and any issues are flagged up in a timely manner.


- Nice way to do a standup without distractions

- Especially useful with remote teams with bad wifi

- Reports are sent directly to my inbox


- Used to need more customisation, but new version takes care of that!


Overall love the tool and like the pace of new feature delivery.


Simple and productive. Easily integrated with key tools.


Would like tighter integration with JIRA

Software Architect

this app has let me conduct my teams huddle with ease. would love if I could use the input from the response posted against each question to trigger another activity, e.g schedule calendar invite, etc.


takes the mess out of getting regular updates from my team..


no cons.

Founding Editor. The Clean Copy

To be honest, I don't know much about bots. I've tried a few and end up uninstalling them within a matter of hours, if not days. This is the only one that stuck. Particularly appreciate the feature where you can customise questions based on previous answers.


Does its job and gets out of the way


it costs money, and we don't have a lot of money. But everyone's got to eat, I guess?

I would recommend it :)


- super easy to use

- it's fast and precious

- helps when dealing with remote teams to have everyone integrated


- with time there will be more customization and integrations I hope

CMO for a food and health tech start

Genious Slack integration. I use Standuply for my 2-man team where we work from to separate places. We run a session each morning in Slack with 3 standard questions: what you did yesterday, doing today and if there is any obstacles. Works great, so we do not have to communicate as often and always know what the other one is doing. We also use integration that deliver top stories from different tech medias.


Easy to setup, easy to use, great slack integration for when your team work remotely.


I don't know of a better alternative and with what i've used Standuply for so far i haven't missed anything.

Co-founder & CPO @ Heroes & Empires
I have use Standuply for 3 years but still suggest people to try the others. The development is very slow which make it stay far behind the new competitors.