Standup Raven

A modern standup solution for Mattermost

Introducing Standup Raven - a Mattermost plugin for team standups!
Get automatic reminders and reports shared with your team in an easy yet effective way. Allow teams to configure their standup schedule and type of tasks they share.
And its open source!
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10 Reviews5.0/5
A great day to launch! Harshil is here along with @ayadav, makers of Standup Raven. Today we'd like to introduce Standup Raven, a Mattermost plugin for communicating daily standups across team. Wondering how Standup Raven can help your team with Standups? Here’s how - * Configurable standup window per channel for standup reminders * Automatic reminders * Per-channel customizable * Automatic standup reports * Multiple standup report formats Other cool features - * Ability to preview standup report without publishing it in channel * Ability to manually generate standup reports for any arbitrary date Best of all, it’s completely free and open source! And of course, we’re all ears on any feedback or suggestions you might have, in our endeavour to constantly improve the user experience.

Have been involved in the beta version for the last 6 months, and using this plugin has really helped in improving the efficiency and keeping everyone updated especially given that we follow flexi times on our teams.


Enables Effective Collaboration. Easy to Use. Great for Team Work. Keeps Everyone updated with the progress.


UI can be improved a bit.