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Structured API for Science

#3 Product of the DayJune 11, 2014
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Until today, science is still published as plain text – without underlying data, code and dependencies. Its hard to verify, reproduce and connect scientific knowledge. Standard Analytics is creating the world’s largest repository of structured science. It has indexed more than 20MM papers, 5.5MM unique concepts, and offers an API to pharmaceutical companies, publishers and individual scientists to help them access science in smarter, more efficient way.
Is it using an academic repository like or Mendeley for indexing? It's an awesome idea...
@ChaseTheTruth Thanks for your question and support! We have been using the content that is open access and available on pubmed central to run the indexing. We're currently in the process of engaging publishers to index content at the point of submission as this is the best point of entry to get the authors involved as well.
As a follow on - we're actively seeking publishing partnerships and would also love to talk to research groups to find out more about your query and search needs for accessing a cross-science repository of indexed science.