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Hey hunters! We've been here a while ago at the very beginning of our journey and the amount of feedback provided by this community was just awesome. This is why we'd love to hear more from you after so many updates we made to Stamplay over the last months. APIs become fundamental building blocks in today’s software development process and most companies are increasingly piecing together a composite of APIs from specialized startups rather than reinventing the wheel. In a world where acquiring coding skills is increasingly easier and where publicly available APIs are exploding, we believe there is a clear expectation to be able to build into them easily and quickly. All our work of the last months is geared toward that. Stamplay is the API-based development platform that enables users to do 95% of the job in 5% of the time thanks to: out of the box APIs to manage users and data, one-click integration with any third party APIs, scalable cloud hosting and libraries (SDKs) for web and mobile platforms. It can be dubbed "Lego bricks for developers" or "IFTTT meets Parse". We'd love to have your feedbacks on any aspect of the product ranging from the UX/UI, to features available, to what might prevent you in using this product. We’ll be announcing some more great things in a few weeks so I bet some of your questions are already being addressed! Thanks in advance for your time, I hope you'll appreciate our efforts to change how software is built on the web.
@giuliano84 How is this different than @Zapier?
@blendahtom Zapier (and IFTTT) are postmen. They only move data between two endpoints. We use a similar visual approach to enable users to build the back-end and business logic of apps by mixing together our Out of the box APIs for user and data management and services like Twilio, Sendgrid, Algolia and Stripe. Does this answer your question?
Congrats @giuliano84! There is a need (especially for building prototypes) for an IFTTT that has a DB and can be empowered with custom biz logic.
Thanks @sinzone! We strongly believe this too. Now that API economy is consolidated and keep growing there is a clear expectation to build on top of it. In this scenario we aim to make the difference and we really look forward to cooperate with you guys at Mashape!
Really glad to see this existing in the world. A long time ago I worked on the Access team at Microsoft and was pushing for some things that look a lot like what you guys are doing with third party services. Enabling normal people to build software has been a bit of a third rail, but one that I hope people will keep stepping on. Wishing you guys all the best!
@kgdavis thanks, it's great to hear such appreciation on what we're doing!
Wow really excited to use this if it works as well as zapier or ifttt for my apps. One thing is the website should be mobile responsive.
@siddygups developers code and build their stuff mostly on desktop this is why right now a responsive versione of our editor would not add much value to our users :)
@giuliano84 @siddygups haha true true (but i am guessing lots of people view PH posts on their phones!)
Looks awesome! In the early stages of using Stormpath with my full-stack angular app deployed on Heroku. Also had to make my way through Stripe integration, too. As mostly a front end developer, this looks amazing and could help a lot with more integrations I want to add. How do you handle SSL on a custom domain? Also you guys don't have verification or password recovery yet?
@evanczhou as soon as you rely on our hosting over a custom domain, the platform will handle provisioning an SSL certificate for your domain. We only need to verify the domain ownership the whole process usually takes less than 24hrs. About verification and password recovery are you talking about having this features for the end-user of app built with Stamplay?
@giuliano84 oh awesome! Yeah I am. How do current users retrieve their passwords?