Addictive stair climbing app for iPhone 🔥


Stairforce in as addictive stair climbing app for iPhone which visualizes your journey in to the space. The app encourages you to avoid elevators and take the stairs in order to improve your health. Challenge your friends on Facebook and see who can rocket into space the fastest!

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Juha Suomijoki
Михаил Каблов
Alyona Arkhipova
  • Alyona Arkhipova
    Alyona ArkhipovaPanorama Networks

    helps to burn some fat


    reminds me that our building doesnt have an elevator :(

    Nice and addictive app

    Alyona Arkhipova has used this product for one day.
  • Pros: 

    a good idea that helps to lose weight


    i hate stairs :D

    have to fall in love with the stairs, thanks!

    Михаил Каблов has never used this product.