Stage Fright

Monster play app and album for fun times with toddlers 👶🏼

Stage Fright is a unique app for kids age 2 to 6. The interactive monster talent show combines clever play effects, good music and delightful monsters. It includes 11 exclusive songs, which are also available as a music album on iTunes.

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I 💜 this idea and would love to see more products for parents and kids being hunted thanks @freekgille BTW the animations are awesome. Perfect timing too with Halloween coming up 🎃
@abadesi Thanks for the kind words! Our little monster Rufus has a special song about Halloween and he's definitely looking forward to the 31st!
Hi Product Hunt! Not the usual app or product you'll see come by here but I'd like to share it with you anyway. For the past 2 years, my colleagues and I at Nerd Communications in Berlin have been working on something new: Stage Fright. A long time ago, we created Ben the Bodyguard which some of you might recognize ( It was our version of how a security app should look like and we had so much fun doing it. Since that moment, a lot of us got children so it was only obvious that we set out to build an app for them. The result is Stage Fright: a talent show combines a large variety of play effects and tap actions, good music, and delightful monsters. Children's sense for detail is often underestimated. That's why much care and consideration has been put into each and every text, story, stage and monster interaction found in Stage Fright. It really isn't easy being a child: everything is new and exciting, and sometimes stressful. The app is based on the idea that songs to grow up with should be buoyant and a lot of fun, but nevertheless have some meaning, some sincerity. We'd love to hear your thoughts or answer any question! Freek
The morality of the youth is trashed by apps like these. Toddlers should not even use or view devices, games or videos, tons of studies show this. Apps like these are creating inmoral humans and the decay of society. Please make something use that ennobles our youth, not teaches them fear of unrealities. Monsters that show sincerity? Shame...
@androidlove I'm sorry to hear that you feel this way. I sincerely believe in the many possibilities tablets and other devices have given us. If used in a mindful way they are a great source of entertainment for kids that triggers their fantasy and imagination. Feedback about Stage Fright from parents all over the world has been very inspiring. I really hope you have tried (and if not, will try) our app with kids before you come to a final conclusion. Discover the stories together, hear the songs and see children’s reactions and maybe you’ll have a change of heart.
Gah! My son would love this. Looks great -- awesome job on the aesthetic! Want for Android!