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Clearbit for tech stacks: data for 1.5M+ companies

#4 Product of the DayDecember 05, 2019
The StackShare API provides SaaS companies & investors with better technographic/tech stack data than any other service. Imagine all the data on StackShare at your fingertips, plus over 1 million more companies. Use it for leads, enrichment, and trends.
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Hey PH! Before I dive in, just a heads up that we’re offering a **20% off** any paid plan (for 6 months) discount to the Product Hunt community if you sign up before January 1st, 2020. Just click the main product link above and the discount will automatically be applied to the first paid plan you sign up for. This release has been a long time coming. We first got requests for an API years ago but never prioritized it. Mostly because we didn’t want to release it for free and then turn around and shut it down eventually like many other sites have done. So we waited until it made sense and we could do it sustainably. Today, we’re excited to release the beta of our API, as a paid service. You can use our API to get tech stack data on over 1.5M companies. That data is useful for leads, enrichment, and trends analysis. Some of our early beta testers have said that for new signup enrichment it's a great compliment to Clearbit if you already use that (we use it and love it!), since Clearbit can tell you where someone works and then we can tell you all the tech that company uses. First important thing to note: the public data you see when browsing is a small fraction of what you get via the API. We built our own scrapers and crawling infrastructure to figure out the backend technologies companies are using via public sources and combined that with the technology graph we had already built up to create the single highest quality tech stack dataset available. The big difference between our API and competitors is that 1) we have way more backend technology data than most of them and 2) we expose actual sources so you know where we got the data. We’re also continuously improving it by adding more sources that other similar services aren’t looking at and a layer of NLP to come up with blended confidence scores that will eventually tell you how important a particular technology is to a company. This is just the beta, so the pricing may change over the coming months as we gather feedback. We’d love to hear what you think! Shout out to @holman for inspiring the tagline!
@holman @yonasbe +1 on the tagline. cc @maccaw
@holman @yonasbe @maccaw @rrhoover ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Sweet. @yonas, I didn't notice a way to get a developer account -- we'd love to add a StackShare integration to our API-to-spreadsheet tool, -- or would you just recommend we use the free plan?
@yonas @flexiodata APIs on APIs haha. Reach out to @gorcey and he can help you out!
@yonas @gorcey @yonasbe We're talkin' _at least_ two levels of inception here. :) I signed up for the basic account to get going with the API for now, but will reach out; thnx!
Hey, is do you get the result (the tech stack of the company) based on the Stackshare community? So a person shared the techstack and you show these products as their tech stack
@roman_eaton hey! The API returns company tech stacks that have been shared by the community, plus over 1 million company tech stacks that we've analyzed and crawled from across the web.
@yonasbe thanks Yonas! I was curious about the reliability of the info. Buildwith gets the info from the code, StackShare from the users that shared some time and anywhere from the web
@roman_eaton we look at code on websites as well! We also look at IPs, DNS/MX records, and other sources. So we have what most other similar services have plus community generated data- that's what we think is special about our offering :)
@yonasbe wow, cool! thanks for the explanation
Nice @yonasbe what's your approach to mobile app stacks?
@djinoz hey man! We haven't gotten to mobile yet, but it's def something we want to see if can provide a good solution for. There's a lot of good services out there for that already. Let me know if you have any ideas :)