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Hello! Tom and I were the product leads on Stacks. It's the first product from Offset, the digital studio at MOO. Here's a short blog post: Making Stacks is invite only at the moment. Want to try it out? Request one on the site, and ping me! I'll send one your way. Happy to answer any questions too.
@utku Would love an invite. Site looks fantastic.
@utku Sounds great! I'd love an invite
Thanks @wanghq. I think it was Victor Hugo who said you can't fight an idea whose time has come. Perhaps this is one such idea. I think your collection is really interesting, mainly because the language is very much around hackers, startups and building things. In terms of where Stacks differs, I would like us to build a product that's more accessible to a wider audience. Our approach is to look a little further than just technology, and seek out people who can share expertise across many different slices of life.
@utku I'm sold. Everyone is a curator. Awesome design!
Curious to know why there isn't a direct link out for each item in a stack? (I like to open a bunch of links from a page into new tabs and then flick through them)
@j_greig Hey James. We went back and forth on this decision, and in fact a bunch of the early designs have the links under item names: (As well as tags on them, but that's another story...) Ultimately, it was a decision based on wanting to keep the stacks as clean as possible, but just today, we were discussing whether we should bring the links back. I suppose we will!
@utku Understood. Also, I had no idea that Moo had a digital skunkworks... very cool :)
I thought it might be interesting to show the first ever cut of Stacks. Here are the first three screens that I put together: The original idea was that everyone would have a single stack, and we'd ask everyone at least three default questions, such as who do you bank with, or which airline you travel with the most. We quickly realised however, that (i) it felt too restrictive and (ii) maybe you hate your bank, but we were forcing you to choose one, under the assumption that it was a recommendation!
This was followed by a second iteration. Here's another peek: This cut feels like the first time it clicked, and the idea for the stack you build crystallised. This is also when we introduced tags, but you'll notice they are on the tools; and not on the Stacks. More on this in a bit.