Make your writing surprisingly efficient

Stacknote is an application that can create long sentences by stacking short sentences like a chat application. It makes your writing surprisingly efficient.
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In Stacknote, you can stack blocks and build a document. That's just like a chat app's UI. This idea comes from my habit of taking notes in the chat app and GitHub issues' comment area and so on. I think it's a very effective way to write long sentences. And unlike the markdown editor, you don't have to split the screen between preview and edit, and you can concentrate on writing on one screen. This is my first post on ProductHunt and I'm a little bit nervous. But if you have any questions, advice, or bug reports, I would love to hear it!
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This looks like an amazing product idea. Do you have any plans for a mobile app? I think having a mobile app where you can take notes via chat-style messages would absolutely KILL. Especially right now with the note-apps landscape being kind of stagnated (exception of notion). I'd like to see more on the side of privacy on the online / cloud storage offering though. Right now the information on that is rather sparse on your website.
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@ayushpokh Thank you very much for your comment! I'm so happy. I was losing myself because I haven't received any feedback. > Do you have any plans for a mobile app? Yes! We plan to release the iOS version around September. Please look forward to it. > I'd like to see more on the side of privacy on the online / cloud storage offering though. To explain briefly, the server you are using is Firestore and the connection is secure using https. Firestore; Google's service, stores data in encrypted form, so you don't have to worry about cracking the server. However, End-to-end encryption is not supported, if the server administrator (it's me) try to view the contents of the user's note, they can be viewed. I will develop End-to-end encryption when we have more users. I will make a FAQ and put this explanation of privacy there. I'm very glad to get your comment! Thank you!
I like it. I miss the restructuring ability in word when I'm working online. I think the description of Stacknote is a bit confusing. It seems to turn paragraphs into documents. But the description states sentences into longer sentences. Perhaps turning notes into documents or snippets into paragraphs might be a better description.
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@rob_tigeir Thank you for your comment! Certainly, it is difficult to explain Stacknote. To be honest, I'm not a native speaker, so I didn't really understand the difference between the words 'note', 'sentence', 'paragraph', and 'document'. I'm going to change the description! Thank you for your useful comments!
By the way, the mobile app is developed using React Native. It can develop iOS and Android at the same time. iOS will be released for the first time, but Android will also be released shortly thereafter.

Seems a good functional note taker and really suits my disjointed thinking by allowing me to rearrange them (it says I can, didn't work for me on mobile). It's still quite rough - but I can see the potential. How it competes with simplenote or WorkFlowy etc to become sustainable isnt clear yet. The encryption question is an interesting one and might need a lot of local storage and battery/processing to work. As only an ios app is in the works I'm not going to end up using this for a while...


Takes notes and allows you to structure them.


Description of the service is a bit confusing so I feel I'm missing something. Too many line breaks when I cut and paste from it.

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