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Pretty bold to post here. This feels like a large PH collection. Other than the focus, what's the goal with the product?
@micah we want to keep it very straight and as you mentioned: "focused" on coding only. We believe that considering @stackeo_me as a "large PH collection", would result in a very superficial collection of tools, because of the huge amount of stuff build on a regular basis like databases, frameworks, libraries, SaaS, code snippets, languages, etc. Imagine that regular basis together with great products that are posted on PH that are not related with coding? :) Coding stuff is a parallel theme (in our opinion) when we talk about products and if there would be a place for both, they would be focused on "nothing" :) What do you think about it?
@stackeo_me @johntheoak Totally understand, but functionally, it isn't much different than a PH collection on say fitness apps, or cleaning equipment, or whatever? Which is totally cool -- the question is where do you go from here? How do you extend the product into becoming a more full featured company, or is the plan to make it a side project and see where it goes?
@stackeo_me @micah we believe in extending the service in a way that the system can help the user decide what tools he/she need to use, to build a specific software. Think as a AMA-bot before starting building code ("I want to build a software for X, with Y requirements, what shall I use?") Great for: > junior developers for example who are still figuring out what to use; > service-providers who sell to coders and want to highlight their service on what the system recommends the user to use. Just an idea but, for now, we will see how it goes and what the community wants from it :) Sorry if anything wasn't clear, I'm typing this on the go :)
@stackeo_me @johntheoak @micah I don't know about the company plan but I think a lot of the stuff on Stackeo doesn't belong on Product Hunt. The first post was on a neural network written in Haskell, which is very interesting to me but not really a good product. If anything it competes with Hacker News more based on what I saw.
what happened to this product?
(thanks @charlieirish for the hunt!) Hi guys, I'm one of the founders of @stackeo_me, together with @fabiomartins87. We will be happy to answer to any questions :)
Interesting. Personally see this being added nicely to Stack Overflow / Github
I'd love to hear @rrhoover thoughts on this! I'd be surprised if segmenting PH on several (user generated?) verticals (including coding tools) wasn't in their plan. I like how @stackeo_me keeps a frame on the product's webpage enabling upvoting and adding to my stack from it.
@adrienm we've been very transparent about where we're going with Product Hunt (see my interview with @joshconstine from Disrupt last year). We've focused on the tech space but this model translates to so many other categories and types of people.