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Always wished for a news app that could combine everything venture capitalists wrote out via twitter, personal blogs, medium, and company websites in one place. If that could fit in your product strategy, even if you break the idea down loosely, would be awesome. Like an on boarding that asks about your interests then shows the 100 biggest influencers in the space for the user to follow. I'm fatigued by following websites and its impersonality. Even the concept of following writers rather than their websites interest me. Anyway, beautiful app and great readability. I'm using it :)
@ariehmovtady Thanks for the comment! I'm glad that you are enjoying the app. All feedback is welcome. We are in the very early stages of the app and we are aiming to make the experience as personalised as possible.
Just recently I was wishing that there was a way I could save articles I see on Twitter to read later, so it was cool to find this app! Overall I like the look and design of the app; however, it was freezing up in a few places, such as on the create account page when my bio was too short. But it's only v. 1.0, so hopefully that will improve. Another improvement they could make: right now you can view feeds and search for top articles, but it also really needs a way to add your own articles via a link (even if the links were just to specific tweets).
@margaret_hutchins Thanks for the comment! You are right, that's our first release. We identified a few bugs and we are working on them. Any feedback is very useful at this point!
Cool app, let's see how long till it becomes a habit. Quick signup tip: would be awesome if the app would pull the Twitter full name, description and username, not just the pic. Saves time, less hassle for the user
Looks nice! How does this compare to Nuzzel, Pocket recommended feed or Refind? - Some tough competition in this space!
@bentossell The main difference I can see is that it's specifically for Twitter, so it provides a simpler, more pared down experience.
@margaret_hutchins Nuzzel is recommendations based on twitter social graph too :)
@bentossell @margaret_hutchins Stack gives users the chance to follow influencers and like-minded people to discover what they are reading
@callumoconnor @margaret_hutchins this is what nuzzel lets you do though...
@bentossell @margaret_hutchins Stack users can save content thereby building a profile of their favourite articles which are shared with their followers. Overall we feel Stack is easier to use and provides a better user experience, thanks for your interest we do appreciate all feedback!
Stack is now available for Android! https://play.google.com/store/ap...