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Basically someones personal opinion list about everybody's else's personal opinions list... FYI, this reply was curated by a human. 😂
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Because why not? Nice job @ol_dl!
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@bramk thanks for hunting the Stackofstack ! …so it’s all in the name 😃 a directory of directory, simple and straightforward. This über-stack focus on products-makers/creatives/dev/nomads as the borders between those communities are closer and closer every day. Since I can remember, I love lists app & directory, not sure why, apart from the fact that it’s practical, maybe because it gives you adrenaline to see all that powerful tools & ressources in one place, like being in front of a treasure. As everyone, I have collections here and there but I wanted to have them in one place. It includes now a bit more than 70 stacks, each of them that I appreciate for his specific content. One screenshot + one title, sort of an mvp megastack but it does the job :-). Happy to share !
@ol_dl @bramk stacks on stacks. Love it
That's like bacon bits wrapped in bacon=time travel