A beautiful and smart key-value based writing app

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Ben Tossell
Ben TossellHunter@bentossell ·
@ev wrote this a few days ago on Twitter: Clearly many people are looking for the same thing judging by the response! This is a simple note app - I'd be interested to see what can break out of the to-do space vs all the minimalistic apps like this that other launch to solve their own need mainly. I do like this simplicity and design though. Im bad at keeping to-do's as it is and use Apple Notes if anything to be honest.
Rishi@erishig · Maker of @gajoeapp, @vaultemort
Good stuff. Few weeks ago I launched Vaultemort to solve my own problem at work. This is another extension of the same base idea. Simplicity is good.
Falko@falkoj · CPO at Taglayer
Interesting product. Reminds me of: which I loved back in the days. Too bad it hasn't been updated in years. Glad to see an app taking a similar approach.
Christoph Biering
Christoph BieringMaker@chryb_ · Software Engineer. Maker.
Hey, guys. I'm glad you added Stack to Product Hunt! Stack is still at the beginning of development and I'm very happy that you like the idea. I'm currently working a lot on the app means updates will follow soon :)
Shiv@shivkanthb · Make, break and ship.
@chryb_ Great work! Im one of the makers behind Wonder, a key value store through a chat interface. Would love to chat more if you'd like :)
desertsfan@desertsfan · UI designer
Can I have any access to view and edit my notes through my mobile? Where is the better point of STACK compared to Mac default notes app.
Christoph Biering
Christoph BieringMaker@chryb_ · Software Engineer. Maker.
@desertsfan I just started Stack two weeks ago. The mobile version is planned and already started but I will finish the desktop version first. The key point of Stack is the key-value based store. You can write big or small notes, todos and drop images or other files, paired with a key at it. With the key the stack of notes is ordered, sortable and searchable but without thinking about where you add the notes.