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@aaronoleary We recently made it live so there are too many tools which are in pipeline and will be added soon. We'll update all the pages very frequently. Do you have any suggestion? 🙂 Mail us:
Thank You For so many upvotes😀 We have more than 5+ categories in the pipeline. We will try to add tools very frequently. If someone suggests a tool that can be useful, we'll check and add it under respective category. There will be never any paid listing by any company. It would be great if you can suggest us your favourite tools🙂 tweet us @thetechbasket or mail us:
It doesn’t look like lot of research went into WordPress category. This just instantly devalues your whole website. Yoast is undeniably the top SEO plugin, but AIO SEO and Rank Math are far from what WP community would recommend you today. AMP for WP was taken down from for being riddled with security issues. I’m no expert in other categories, from what I seen in WP, I don’t have a reason to trust you put more effort into curating other collections.
@lebaux Hey thanks for your input. I agree WordPress category only includes plugins as of now. We are open for suggestions about what else we should include as we didn't want to include themes. We will surely increase the more useful tools which work with WordPress in coming weeks. However, I don't agree at the part AIO SEO and Rank Math are not as good as Yoast. Rank Math(beta or unreleased) is currently going viral in smaller communities, official facebook group and has much more features than Yoast free version. If you have been following news recently Yoast has encountered multiple times bug which has caused traffic loss for so many websites and the next best alternative is AIO SEO as per communities, hundreds of people have already switched from Yoast. Update: Now it's again live AMP for WP is closed temporarily for review not permanent it will be back in few weeks ( This plugin is by far the best plugin for AMP and on the official website, the last update was 15 days ago which means it will be fixed very soon. At the end what I can say is it's quite an early version of the website, we have asked for suggestions at the end of every page so the page becomes more useful by communities suggestions.
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