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#5 Product of the WeekSeptember 26, 2019
Open, organize and use multiple web apps on a single screen. Stack your apps by categories or projects. Manage social media with multiple accounts. Compare information sources at a glance.
✅ for social media, texting and multitasking.
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👋🏻 Hi Hunters! It has been more than a year since Stack was first featured at Product Hunt. By that time it was just a TweetDeck for Social media, my weekend project. Then I received inspiring feedback from Hunters, that altered my vision and kickstarted a journey - result of which is a young company of 7 and Web Application Launchpad that is used by more than 10k people already across the globe. We are a team that loves connecting online and using various web applications on a daily basis both for working and having fun. And we see the ever-increasing complexity of the internet pushing this experience to a messy and annoying process. With Stack, We are making it easy, smooth and fun. And now we, as a team, are super excited to be featuring Stack 2.0 at Product Hunt, with the hope to receive the invaluable feedback again. We believe that Stack is a handy tool for multitaskers and for people who like to organize stuff. It allows users to shift their attention between different web-apps without switching tabs, compare different information sources at a glance and multitask in the web. Stack’s core features include: 🖥Multiple screen view 📂Stacks - (to sort applications by category or frequency of use) 🌐Synchronization - (consistent experience across multiple devices) 🔔Unified notifications ✨Multiple accounts We're all really excited to share what we’ve been working on and we’d love to hear your feedback to find what else you would like Stack to do for you. ⚡we'll be around all day and will be more than happy to answer your questions <3 Thanks for your support 🙏
@zikosichi Wow guys, congrats on the launch of latest version with awesome features. Kudos to the team Stack. And common guys, where is dark mode? It is 2019 ;)
@zikosichi @adithya Agreed! Is Dark Mode, an accessibility feature, really being commoditized and charged for in the Pro version???
I have used and ditched all the other multi app programs for one simple reason CPU. My laptop sounds like it’s gonna take off when I run them. Stack is the only one that is consistently high performance with limited resource use. It’s the hub of my daily communications now and sure it has its gripes but the team at Stack are so eager to hear and fix issues. A great company and great product, keep it up guys!
Great problem solver Product, We are using everyday here at Pynk effectively, kudos to Stack Team 👏👏
Looks interesting. Are there any other platforms in the pipeline?
@frassmith yah, we received quite large number of requests for linux version and its on its way. We are working on Windows version too.
@dachi_gubadze That's good news. I'll keep an eye out for the Linux version.
@frassmith @dachi_gubadze There is a date to we, users of windows, expect to receive this awesome application? Can be a Big if, like at the end of 2020 or 2021. My "Very good job" for all you already done, and you will do in the future! ^^
@thalys_alexandro thanks a lot for your words 🙏🏼 Unfortunately, there is no fix date set, but I would not lie if I said before summer 2021.
Congrats, love it! I've been using Stack mainly to organize social apps. Integrates nicely with macOS and makes it much faster and simpler to give those quick (and frequent) looks at my messages and social medias during the day. I am going to look anyway, better make it optimally.
@caio_mazzi Great to hear! Thanks a lot! Improving performance is our number one priority!