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Oliver Waters
@oliverwaters · Co-founder, d3i / Momento
Hello fellow hunters! We have just launched Stache, a smarter way to bookmark web pages for Mac and iOS. Stache makes it quick and easy to collect and re-discover pages you find useful, interesting or inspiring, in a beautiful, visual and fully searchable library. If you've had enough of organising browser bookmarks, scrolling through overwhelming reading lists and web services which never seemed to hit the mark on simple bookmarking, you'll probably enjoy Stache. We've kept things as simple as possible, with three main features: 1) Visual bookmarks (to help you quickly identify pages) 2) Full content search (find anything quickly without organisation) 3) Page archiving (full-page screenshot and web archive) Everything is stored locally and bookmarks will sync up with the iOS companion app over iCloud. Here to answer any questions and would love to hear your feedback! Thanks.