Short-fiction stories for busy people

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Hello everybody! Here is my first project on producthunt. It’s designed for busy people, who usually don’t have time for fiction books or for those who is learning english. I want to remind people the importance of good exciting stories and show that it is not so time-taking to dive into this!
What a neat idea! Love it! However, I cannot subscribe :-( I type in my email address, click subscribe but nothing happens...
@lecanardmalade I am sorry, Hostinger let me down a little. Please use this form to sing up. I will try to fix site as soon as possible.
@cherrywins No problem! Thanks for the update, subscribed :-)
Thanks that's thrilling! I'm usually too busy for huge non-fiction books so Sstories will be very suitable. Do you use a newsletter planner? What is it?
@alexanderisora hello, Alexander! Thank you for the question. I use Mailchimp, it has function to schedule campaigns. I also post all stories on Medium
When I click "Get It", it is going to and then getting redirected to ..!!!
@vicky_buddie Hi! I got server problems yesterday, but now everything is ok!
@vicky_buddie I am in process of putting my site on amazon servers. Sorry for inconvience. I will write you when I finish it. P. S. Hostinger sucks :(
Awesome idea!!