SSL Checker Tool

Free way to identify SSL configuration issues

SSL Security Checker is a security tool that reports the status of the SSL certificate(s) installed on the websites. The idea is to give the site owners a heads up about the security status of the website.
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4 Reviews5.0/5
This tool is great for e-commerce sites looking to check the security on their website. The reports you receive cover all important aspects of an active SSL certificate.
Thank you for visiting the Magenticians SSL checker page. We strive for an easier, thrilling and fun-filled ecommerce experience. Team Magenticans keeps on bringing new and improved tools for ecommerce enthusiasts/store owners/store managers out there. This time we have introduced the SSL checker page. It lets them define the current standings of their store’s SSL certificate. With the tool, they can gain more trust and increase store rankings. The tool is free of cost and requires no sign-up. Try it now and let us know about your feedback. If you like it, don’t forget to share the LOVE ;)
Simple to use. Have used it a few times to check the SSL of my competitor websites.
@sharjeelashraf1 Thanks for sharing your experience with our SSL checker tool.