Walkie talkie for teams

Ever wish you could push a button and talk to teams, colleagues, or friends without having to schedule a Slack/Teams call? Squawk delivers instant push-to-talk chat for groups small and large.
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Seems cool but I don't want to have to create an account just to see it.
Loved the idea! However found a few areas if improved could help me use with your website better 1. When I sign up via email, there is nothing else I can do until I click the verification link. When I click the verification link on the mail it asks me to sign in again and it also opens up on a separate browser within the Gmail app and I guess that's why I had to sign up, but putting some sort of auto login can help here. Anyway you guys use it for forgot password. 2. After I signed in again I just got a pop up to allow access to my microphone, I guess it would be better if it asks for the permission after I get to see what the product is. I'll try this product out with a couple of people and come back with a review of it's usage.