Stand out in any inbox with Squarespace Email Campaigns. Our all-in-one platform makes it easy to unify your brand voice—from your homepage to your emails.

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  • Marcos OrtizCo-founder at Capital Latino, LLC

    Clean and beatiful design


    Not at this time.

    @Squarespace used its incredible design expertise to make emails looks good again

    Marcos Ortiz has used this product for one day.


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Ryan HooverPro@rrhoover · Founder, Product Hunt
Shots fired at Mailchimp! This is a smart move. Every website should have a retention channel and email is the most universal. Makes sense to integrate it directly into the site itself. Funny enough, Mailchimp released their own website creator tools last year, moving into Squarespace’s direction.
Tim Miller@gangstertim · PM @ Squarespace
Hey folks! I'm the PM on this project—the team & I are very excited to share this with all of you. Happy to answer any questions you might have!
Erin Falter@erinfalter
@gangstertim Will this integrate with other website partners such as Shopify?
Mars Negrette@marsnegrette · mmm
@gangstertim Thanks! Beautifully designed mails, finally. It will work as a separate product/pricing sometime soon?
Jeff NeedlesHunterHiring@jsneedles · Data @ Houseparty & Maker of Things
Just saw this from one of their marketing emails! So hey, it works. Looks real nice and easy, can't wait to play with it. It also makes a TON of sense for them, really cannot believe they haven't done this before.
Brandon Hyman@brandononearth · UX Designer, Hulu
Great to see another tool focused on scalable and better email design. That said, I haven't seen many tools (even MailChimp) provide tools to help businesses understand how to send BETTER email. There are countless well-designed emails I've received from startups (sent via MailChimp) that are clearly sent by teams that have no clue about their audience or how to send effective emails. Proper personalization, cadence development, and opt-in practices are absent from these types of services. MailChimp did well earlier requiring double opt-ins, but I see implicit opt-in to all types of email campaigns just from signing up for an account or a specific product from a business. Would love to see squarespace try to tackle this as this product matures.
NaveenKumar Namachivayam@naveenkumar · Performance Test Lead |
Starter plan features are not catchy enough. Unlimited subscribers with 5000 emails???