A new puzzle game for iPhone

Squared is a new puzzle game for iPhone. It will change your life... or it won't. But you'll still definitely enjoy it. Challenging enough to keep you interested but simple enough to feel like you're never stuck.

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Joseph Ayoub
Just a big kids with cool projects.
I am a big fan of this kind of game (like the ones developed by 1button), and I also worked at gameloft. I liked it, but here's my feedback : > The restart button is not where it should be. I think you should put another screen when you fail, a screen with a back and a restart button. I played for 5 minutes, and it took me a while to not do "back" and "play" instead of hitting "restart directly. > I don't think the color of the bar below is the perfect match for the game. Shoudl be more colorful, with a particular highlight or animation of the "moves" number (so that you understand directly that you have X Moves. > I don't know if there's only 4 levels, but you should put more and most importantly show that there is more. The good example for this one is either 1 button's apps (on/off per example), or TwoDots. Other than that, the game is really cool. Probably gonna try and finish all the levels :) Good work and good luck.