Square Reader SDK

Your app, powered by Square hardware

#4 Product of the DayAugust 02, 2018

Square Reader SDK lets you take in-person payments with Square hardware

Pretty cool. Lots of use cases. Is this SDK available for worldwide use/implementation?
@derekszeto Unfortunately right now, it's only available in the US.
@derekszeto @amanda_le When it will be available in the other countries?
@jenya_kazaryan we don't have set dates yet, but you can keep up to date with our newsletter (https://www.workwithsquare.com/d...) or our Twitter (@SquareDev)
This is really awesome, definitely will give it a shot soon. Major props to the team that built out the docs, looking slick!
@_ryebell thanks! we're definitely putting in a lot of work to make sure our docs improve along with our APIs
That’s awesome! I’m excited about this.
@codecamcode we are too! Can't wait to see what people will build!
Such an amazing idea. Payments would be so easy with this app. Would save so much haste of time.
@rinnadsouza Thanks! Our hope is that everyone can now take payments easily without being a payments or hardware expert