Simple way to make tweets stand out with stunning images

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Engagement (favorites, RT's, replies) went up ~80% after adding screenshots of the products we tweet about via @ProductHunt. @BelleBCooper has a thorough article on this in How Twitter’s Expanded Images Increase Clicks, Retweets and Favorites. I wish Tweetdeck had a built-in feature like this. Also check out @davewiner's Little Card Editor.
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@rrhoover @BelleBCooper Definitely noticed this as well, in a stream of text, the images draw my attention because it is different and usually a larger section of the stream. See people also using carriage returns to increase the amt of space their tweets take up.
@rrhoover Thanks for including some more details and facts Ryan - Part of understanding the value of this product is understanding the value of images!
@rrhoover curious — do you automate this process? I sometimes notice screenshots that were taken prematurely (webpage still loading, etc..).
Didnt realize tweets with images get 150% more retweets! +1 just for that stat
Anticipating lots of #blessed quote images once mainstream Twitter discovers this. They should look into pulling images from Pexels+the like.
@stttories Pexels look really interesting, thanks for the suggestion! There are also a number of other sources we are looking into.
This is awesome! Love that we can upload our own photos :) Can't wait to see how it changes engagement rates. Cheers!
great concept but you should definitely include more photos
@evanvar Thanks for the suggestion Evan - We've looked into incorporating higher quality stock photos we manually curate to really up the quality and quantity. Currently, we are leveraging Flickr API