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A different new way to launch a beautiful portfolio.

The most natural extension of your photography workflow. With Sprout Photo it's easy, fast and free to launch your website. It's made to be intuitive and simple with no complex content management UI that you'd have to learn first before you can move forward.
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Hey Hunters, I'm very excited for this! I'm looking forward to your feedback and any suggestions you might have. What is it and how it works? I figured we all know how to use files and folders, so why not have this as a content management system, instead of a complex UI that requires you to learn it first before you can launch. Basically the idea is that you get a special folder in your Google Drive where you upload your photos and put your details in Google Docs (Name, Bio, etc). Sprout takes care of the rest. You get a free subdomain to go with your website, but if you'd like to use our own domain, let me know I'll help you set it up. You can create collections (i.e. Portraits, Landscape, Urban, etc) by having your photos in different folders. Give it a try and don't forget to have fun 😊 Drop me a line if you need help with anything. Cheers! β™₯ DEMO: http://preview.sprout.photo/
This was as beautiful as it was intuitive. Thanks for doing this. I created a simple portfolio in minutes. It's always a bit scary when an app asks for all permissions on my google drive. Can this work with a shared Google Photos Album instead ?
@sarjun Thanks Arjun, for trying it out and your feedback, it means a lot! Yeah, I know, unfortunately the issue is that Google Drive doesn't have a more restrictive permission scope that would allow the app to fully work πŸ™ I'm looking into other solutions, one of which is a shared Google Photos Album.
Looks interesting !
Wow, game changer!
This is rock and roll. Amazing project Arthur.
@lyondhur Thank you! 🀘