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I've been a longtime Sprintly user - it's still one of my favorite products. It transformed the way our team manages the dev process. Biggest change: it's way more transparent to other parts of the business.
Founder of Sprint.ly here. We're happy to help and/or do live demos for anyone interested in checking Sprint.ly out.
Our core differentiation is we built our tool for business people. All of the more sophisticated software PM tools on the market have been made largely by technical people for technical people. So the primary difference is that we short-circuit the need for the business's stakeholders to ask questions (usually via meetings) of development. We do this by creating business-oriented views of developer data. As far as communicating and acquiring, we're still working through that. We've found that our message is largely lost on developers and that the product is still coming along to be a 100% business tool. More on that throughout this year. :)
@maiab our devs have liked the fact that anyone can log in, and get the status of an item. No more: "Is that thing done?" taps on your shoulder. ;)
Wow, looks great - currently use Pivotal Tracker but could be tempted to give this a go.
@_jamesmundy you should give it a try. They have a really good free trial right now: http://sprint.ly/landing/developers