Alec Levin
Alec Levin reviewedSprintlioRetrospectives with accountability ✅

Was a much more engaging way to do a retro with my team, and allowed us to make sure took action to improve over time.


Still some UX stuff being worked out, but gotten a lot better :)

I've used this for half a dozen retros, and this is definitely something worth trying out with your team. It lead to better discussion, faster learnings, and most importantly allowed us to keep each other accountable for necessary change.

Definitely take it for a spin.

Alec Levin has used this product for one month.
Kenny Goldman
Kenny Goldman@kg7ftw · COO and Co-founder of Sprintlio
@levin_alec - Have really enjoyed taking your feedback and suggestions to really shape the app. As always, thank you for your support!