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Speaking as a kid, I'd rather risk a broken leg than pay 10x the cost of a normal trampoline.
We've had one of these in our backyard for two years now (in Canada). I worried that it wouldn't do well in our climate which swings from hot summer to snowy cold winter, but it's held up really well. No issues at all. The rods provide for a nicer bounce with lower impact as compared to spring trampolines. Our kids love it and I feel confident that they can't bounce off the thing or fall through and get hurt around the springs.
My younger brother&sister love this trampoline. We have one for a few years, still working perfectly. Great build.
This still wouldn't be safe enough for my mom.
Have seen one firsthand, great quality. Super expensive, however it's covered under a lifetime warranty.
We've had one for 6 years now. A great tramp. I agree with James - definitely lower impact. It also has the potential for high double jumps - when you want to ;)