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@thebask Your no-refund policy is ridiculous. Less than 24 hours after purchasing a premium plan, without streaming an hour of audio (or even finishing the setup of my account), I requested a refund. Your customer service rep emailed me that you don't do refunds, and that it's stated in your terms of service, as if that's supposed to mean something. It's standard practice in the SAAS industry to provide full refunds at least within the first 48 hours. it was stated nowhere on the payment page that you differed from that (plus it's just bad customer support). Very disappointed. CC @brigitadaisy and @RoccoZanni
@thebask @brigitadaisy @roccozanni "In a SaaS company, a refund shouldn’t matter to the company. If it does, most likely there is more serious underlying problems." http://dreamconception.com/entre...