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Hey PH, I'm one of the Co-Founders of Spotlight. We built Spotlight because there is a ton of musical talent out there, and we want to be the first to help curate that. Spotlight is an invite only social network for the top musical talent in the world. In it's current iteration, users will be able to share videos of their talent and collaborate with other artists. In the future, we might experiment with things like live streaming and gigs; hoping to make every musician a professional. If you have a musical talent we want you on the platform. Comment below and I'll personally send you an invite right here on PH!
@anthonygeranio I would like an invitation. I am usually a visual artist, but I am able to compose music. I have a good understanding of music theory and lyrics that resonate with people. I have a terrible singing voice due to vocal chord issues (I can tune instruments by ear).
@bugsnotfunny We'd love to have you! QIZ7S
@joekndy I'd like to have one please :)
It seems like a good idea, any plans for an Android version?
@samsexton In the very near feature yes! We've come across many people especially from South America that expressed interest in being on the Spotlight platform, but couldn't because it's currently only for iOS. It's definitely something we have in the pipeline!
Hey, the app looks really good! I am a musician, play the violin and live in New Orleans. May I have an invite code?
@rodolfobenitez_ of course Rodolfo! Excited for you to join the community! - RCQV1
Thanks for the invite code @joekndy! Super simple to get installed, signed up, profile configured and first video published. Lots of stuff to explore in the coming days, but looking good!
could i get an invite? πŸ˜„ i produce music
@avannahsbb Sure Savannah! Would love to know what you think - BFMBA