Spotify Web Visualizer 1.0

Beautiful full screen visuals for Spotify web player

#4 Product of the DayJune 22, 2019

Spotify Web Visualizer 1.0 lets you bring up a beautiful full screen visualizer when listening to Spotify on the web. This was rebuilt from scratch from my previous product to support new features (such as audio control) and fix bugs.

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Hi everyone, We made this to solve a problem we often have in our workspace: we love to project our Spotify now playing while we listen and it looks ugly. We made a really lightweight Chrome extension that will make it look nice while you're listening to music at the office, a party etc.
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Is it country blocked? I get a "Price not available" instead of the install button.
@jorgecerda It shouldn't be, could you tell me what country you're trying to purchase from?