Spotify Party

Music sets for social gatherings, crafted by DJs

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Spotify just launched Party, which seems like the perfect alternative to hiring a DJ for your next event. In fact, Diplo created Party's first exclusive set. My favorite part is that each song blends seamlessly into the next - meaning zero interruptions. ๐ŸŽ‰๐ŸŽถ
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@jackdweck Ditto, love the blending feature. Will test this out over the holidays.
@jackdweck how this qualify for PH? Is that a new app or just a feature in Spotify, can't see it on iPhone or mac?
@chrisgeorgiev it's a new feature currently rolling out in the Spotify app on Android & iOS.
@jackdweck it's not available yet, I think this is against PH rules
@chrisgeorgiev it's not against the rules. You're totally allowed to post unreleased products. And this started rolling out yesterday, so it's technically not "pre-launch".
I wish it was easier to discover this within Spotify itself... You know, like launching to your existing users within your own platform alongside/with PH..
@kamilszybalski Good lord Spotify does a lot well, but UIs sooooooo bad
@kamilszybalski Fair feedback. Our plan is to be louder about it with our existing users through the weekend.
@mileslennon @kamilszybalski any suggestions on where to find it? I've been looking around spotify and can't for the life of me find it....
@kamilszybalski i STILL can't find it. I have looked.
Used it this morning and loved the song transition feature in the morning!
@mrsharma That's great to hear. Which party did you play?
@mileslennon @mrsharma It was the Diplo & Friends one! After that, the tracks I played from search had that transition in between which was awesome. Great job!
This looks awesome. A big reason I have been moving to soundcloud recently. I look forward to checking it out
When will this come out for Desktop Mac? :)