Buy Bitcoin instantly. iOS & Android.

Spot is a forward-thinking investment app.
- Invest in Bitcoin instantly by debit & credit card worldwide
(Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens coming soon!)
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Hello 👋 I'm Edouard the CEO of Spot. I am very excited to finally share with you the brand new Spot cryptocurrency wallet! We have been working very hard for the past few months to build a revolutionary wallet, both in terms of security & ease of use. Spot allows you to manage all your cryptos in one place. You can buy Bitcoin instantly by debit & credit card worldwide, connect all your exchanges & wallets, follow the market & news. The wallet will support Ethereum & ERC-20 tokens very soon! The next big things on our roadmap are crypto swap on decentralized exchanges, interaction with decentralized protocols (, staking and more 🤯 It is a major milestone for us! I'd love to get feedback and answer questions from you! 🙏
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@nedsteeg probably the best design i ever seen 😍😍😍
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@tim_rcrd thanks Tim 🤗
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@nedsteeg you should get an award for the design 😍😍😍
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@rhaivimies 🤗😍thanks!
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Impressed by the velocity of improvements on the beta.


Design, UX, ease of use.


Ethereum support but I understand it's coming.

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Thank you! Ethereum & tokens are coming soon indeed!
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I use spot everyday to manage my cryptos. Easy to use, awesome design. Nice work !
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@yanissoto thanks a lot!
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Definitely my favorite crypto tracker! 🦄
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