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Decentralized sports investment & funding ecosystem platform

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The SportyCo platform now enables prospective athletes to receive donations from fans and supporters. The release version of the platform, expected end of March, will also enable small investors to invest into prospective athletes for a percentage of their future earnings. The launch of the platform comes less than three months after the successful conclusion of our token crowdsale, and we are very proud of the work done by our designers, developers, partners and the whole SportyCo community.


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    Still bets

    Liking the fact we could help new sports players

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Abadesi@abadesi · Co-founder, Elpha
Thanks for hunting @carlib. This sounds pretty revolutionary @luka_pecavar could you please tell us more about your vision for SportyCo?
Blaž Carli
Blaž CarliHunter@carlib
Hey @abadesi , the vision is that this platform will be the main entry for collecting founds for athletes and for investors to invest in athletes.
Marc Alexander
Marc Alexander@x_cryptos · Cryptos, websites and apps
Do investors get any ROI or is it like donating to the athletes / organizations
Blaž Carli
Blaž CarliHunter@carlib
@x_cryptos we started with donation campaigns in investment campaigns there will be ROI it depends what athlete offers to investors. For example he can offer 15% of all sponsorships for the next 10 years, etc ...
David Kosmayer
David Kosmayer@davidkosmayer · Founder and CEO @ Bookmark
Great work team on the launch! Looks impressive...