Find people to play sport with at the click of a button 🇬🇧

Just pick a game. We will match you with the right players, book the pitch and organise the game for you automatically.
You just pick up your boots and get yourself to the game, just click and play!
Available in London.
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Hi Hunters, My name is Tom and I am the founder of Sportmate. We are set out on a mission to make playing sports easy and accessible for everyone. We think playing sports shouldn't be a hassle, so with a click of a button, we find you the players, organise the game and even book the pitch. If you are in London and playing football, Sportmate lets you do just that. Just click and play! We've bootstrapped this so far, currently generating revenue and growing quite fast. Any feedback and suggestions highly appreciated :)
@tomhaleminh could this work for sports like indoor rock climbing? I'm thinking of how the Sportsetter team help give you access to free trials, or how ClassPass does yoga gyms, but I'm always missing something to be able to dip in and out of climbing while I'm traveling. PS: congrats on the early revenue! Nice one.
@davedri Hey David, thanks for the feedback :) We are now focusing on football, but rock climbing is coming, I promise
@tomhaleminh fantastic, I look forward to it!
I'll take a look once it moves on from Football to other sports such as Tennis.
Sportmate makes it ridiculously easy to find people to play sport with. Browse the app to find a game with empty slots, set up a new game and pay on the spot. Sportmate will book the pitch for you, you just need to turn up with your boots. Great way to fill a spare spot on your team, find a team to play and easily organise a kick-about all in one place. Only available in London for football at the moment but they'll be adding more sports and locations soon! Hopefully they add rugby or tag rugby soon! Great work from @tomhaleminh and team!
Kudos to the team on the launch. Is there a monetization plan?
@nitinsbajaj Yes, we are generating revenue already. It's from the facilities bookings.