Sponsor My Society

Connecting university clubs & societies with businesses


Preston Long-Lamoureux
@pmlonglamoureux · @Prog_Code Staffer | Progressive
Any chance this will come stateside?
Naomi Assaraf
@nassaraf · CMO, Technophile, pancake lover.
There's probably a bigger opportunity to create a platform where businesses and non-profits can discover each other. Why limit it to schools? Think of conventions, artists/musicians, neighborhood programs, etc.
Jack Culpan
@jack_culpan · Founder - Sponsor My Society
Hey guys! I've built Sponsor My Society to enable income struggling UK university societies and sports clubs to be able to provide more for their members by partnering with some incredible companies (at no cost to the society/club!). Throughout my time at Lancaster University, UK, I've been heavily involved with student societies, and noticed both the lack… See more
Alex Marshall
This is a really great idea! I ran the Entrepreneurship society at Bath Uni and the amount of money we had, and therefore quality of events we could put on, was really limited by the fact that I wasn't very well connected with companies looking to sponsor societies. The guy that came in the year after was very well connected and the society did tonnes more a… See more
Nick Smith
@nicksmithr · Making @Focalmark
Rad work on this Jack! I ran a sports club during undergrad and definitely am aware of pain points here. It'd be interesting to hear a little more about the process for connecting the club and sponsor? And how you're thinking to expand?