Spoke Phone

Mobile phones into a business class phone system in 3 mins

Spoke is a platform that turns employee cell phones into a smart business phone system in three minutes or less. Spoke says “there are no desk phones, no hardware, no wires, and you don’t need an IT guy to set it up” - it’s just the right amount of big phone system features, made dead simple to use right inside your mobile phone.

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Jason Kerr
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  • Jason Kerr
    Jason KerrSaaS Guy, PE, Exec, BD Member

    Big company phone system features made dead simple to use on just your mobile. Designed for mobile/virtual workforces.


    Brand new, needs more time to round out and deepen feature set. Not for those wanting a Unified Communications platform (go use DialPad)

    * Supports desk phones if you really still want one

    * Setup experience leaves you wondering why other things are so hard

    * Nice feeling app - no user education required


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Jason Kerr
Jason KerrMaker@kerrnz · SaaS Guy, PE, Exec, BD Member
Thanks for the feature @nikkielizdemere, we're excited to have launched Spoke Phone. We like to think that Spoke is a bit like Gmail. Before Gmail, setting up corporate email was a nightmare. Then Gmail came along and BAM, anyone could get high quality enterprise email in an instant. Spoke does the same thing but for your company phone system. Our early data suggests we've got a lot right, and some work to do. The next 90 days will be really interesting as we iron out some of the teething issues we've seen.