A new way to discover and share podcasts

Spoke is a new social audio platform from SiriusXM. A team of producers, working with purpose-built technology, curate listening experiences (called paths) made of clips and highlights pulled from full-length audio including podcasts, SiriusXM shows and other sources. The updated app features a new home feed and offline play.

Hey all - thanks for taking a look! I'm the Director of Content for Spoke. Our goal as a content team is to work with creators to grow their audiences in new and different ways and to make the discovery of new podcasts more accessible for fans of talk audio, whether you're a casual radio listener or you subscribe to 50 podcasts. Spoke has been available since June for Android and iOS and online at hearspoke.com. Our latest update introduces a more dynamic home feed, where you can find everything you haven't yet heard in your subscribed paths, and new recommended content. Plus, we've added an offline mode, where we automatically (based on your individual settings) download the newest content from your subscribed paths. Let us know what you think!