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Hi everyone and thank you for this opportunity! My name is Ross and I am one of the founders of SplitTiks! Our mission is to make events more accessible and affordable by allowing people to reserve their tickets at a fraction of the price and pay off the remainder in a flexible payment plan prior to their event. Sporting & concert event prices have risen 5% year over year, and roughly 20% increase in prices if your favorite team was the national champion. With prices increasing each year, events are becoming more out of reach for the average family to attend and have a great experience. What is SplitTiks? SplitTiks is an entertainment ticket platform that provides flexible payment plans for event tickets online. Search for the ticket through your favorite ticket provider (Ticketmaster, SeatGeek, StubHub, Vivid Seats, etc), submit you ticket information at SplitTiks.com, and then spread the payment of the ticket over a period of time. Once you make your last payment, you'll receive your ticket and it's done. No credit check necessary. Its layaway for event tickets. We're still early so please excuse the bugs; we're working on them! If you're looking to attend a special event in the future, please feel free to try SplitTiks and use the code "TICKETS" for 10% off your first order! Also, please feel free to email us with any feedback that you may have – team@splittiks.com
Solves the pain for a many! One Q. What if someone who reserved a ticket with the first money and defaults to pay the rest. Do you refund the money paid in advance ? also does @SplitTiks purchase the tiks on receiving the first advance from any user or is it an internal engagement with the providers ? Some light on this RJ!
@tweetyunus Great question! We reserve the ticket shortly after the order is placed and we verify all information that the customer has provided. The customer then has the option to cancel their ticket at anytime. If the customer does decide to cancel the ticket, the customer is not refunded, however they are not responsible for the remaining balance.
This is a straight up awesome product and i'm stoked to be hunting it for you all to see today. Front row seats are now a reality. <3 Read RJ's description and feel free to ask any questions you got.
@mat_sherman Thank you Mat!!
Payment plan for concert & event tickets. This is awesome. No fear of missing tickets due to price tag. Impressive idea.
@keyul thank you Keyul!
Great product guys. Keeps the burden of buying those tickets in the future off my credit card, but also the flexibility if I need to drop them. Love the concept.
@rdnaylor thank you Ryan!!