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The animation tool for the web.


Spirit Studio is an animation tool that helps designers and developers creating and managing their animations real time in the browser.

✔︎ Super easy to use

✔︎ Live edit animations directly on your web page

✔︎ Animate SVG/HTML

✔︎ Timeline editor

✔︎ Import/export JSON and play animations in production using the Web Player

Would you recommend this product?

A great tool for animators, designers and creative developers out there.

I would quickly change the business model or pricing especially in your early stages if you want to avoid losing tons of potential customers, it's either that, or it's waiting for one of the big boys to completely rip off your concept and have it incorporated in their software suite... in fact, I think It's going to be a simple matter of time before that happens, so your competitive edge is probably going to your first mover advantage that you have now.

Not a lot of people are going to pay 180 dollars for a half feature that costs more than a TWO year subscription of SketchApp or even the Adobe Creative Suit.

Edit: Im almost a 100% sure Airbnb is going to add this feature to their already free 'Lottie' design tool... so it's indeed a matter of time. For anyone interested: https://airbnb.design/lottie/


Great tool for creatives.


Insane price and/or broken business model.

Digital Designer
Agreed, completely put off by pricing structure.
it looks like the pricing is now $12/month or $144/year? That isn't much if this is a tool you're using everyday. Get the company to pay for it. edit: Also, if Airbnb is going to add that feature, they've already paid the price for the development for their "free" tool.
Director of Digital Development - AbbVie

Want to love this but you need a trial version or at least a lot more demos videos. And as many have already called out, make the pricing affordable for what you are competing against.

Offer some intro price or free version with a watermark or something. Add some templates or something to get people started.

Hope you listen to the community feedback, there is an interest...


Looks promising


Too expensive, no trial, requires player

Lead Product Designer

I would say they need to do a lot more tutorials or guides so beginners can get to grips with it easily.


Smooooth as butter animations.


Steep learning curve.


I use GSAP and had high hopes for this tool, but it felt cumbersome. It might be better for those who can't write code, but for me, code is faster and more flexible.


Uses GSAP Visible timeline


Can't drag-and-drop objects or resize with handles, need to choose properties from menu Not able to select nested groups in SVG

Web Developer

was looking for a decent svg animation studio that works with windows.


looks good in promos. pricing seem to have been lowered.


no windows app.

Brand Strategist

Saw the tweet saying "directly from browser" and landed on page saying, we are only available on mac


Could not use it, so cannot say anything


not available for window

I love this so much! I'm new to web design/development and I've missed being able to use animation. I tried before using gifs and the page speed was so low, my skill level does not stretch to code-based animations (yet), but I'm excited to continue using this and learn as I go along. £45 every quarter is VERY reasonable and I'm happy to pay for this. There is a few improvements which could be made such as being able to selected multiple keyframes at once, more animation options etc, but I like what there is on offer already. For me, I prefer this to Lottie, its simple and straight forward, this is EXACTLY what I needed to get me out of my creative rut.


Easy to use, requires little coding knowledge, real time animation, better load times than using gifs


Would be nice to save groups to a project - can you import the JSON files?