A cloud-based server control panel designed for WordPress

SpinupWP is a cloud app for setting up and maintaining super fast servers designed for WordPress. Think of it like a modern server control panel you can use to host any PHP site but we’re focused on making the WordPress experience the best (and speediest!).
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14 Reviews5.0/5
We’re super stoked to bring SpinupWP out of beta. But we’d love to hear what you think. If you currently host WordPress yourself, is this something you would use? What feature requests or questions do you have? Ask away.
@bradt I've been using SpinupWP for a few months now, and I'm not looking back. I've been dabbling in Linux command line for quite some time, but never confident enough to setup my own server from scratch. With SpinupWP, its like having an IT department dealing with the nitty gritty, and always there to answer questions (or just be a sounding board as I solve my own problems AFTER I put in a support ticket..ha!).
@nicscottmusic Hah, love the analogy, thanks Nic!

As an agency owner, SpinupWP is about as close to a WP control panel as I could envision if I was designing it myself. I've used several alternatives - Cloudways, WP Engine, Serverpilot, Runcloud, Flywheel - and nothing matches the simplicity and speed with which I can configure and launch a new server.


Simple, clean, straightforward, and easy to use. 100% designed for WP.


Still a young product, more development may be necessary to compete with other established solutions depending on your needs.

Awesome review, thanks Denny. We definitely have lots on our roadmap and are very excited by some of the ideas on that list. I think some of the surprises we have in store are going to be game changers! 🙂
I been using for past 2 month as well , great product, it's like laravel forge that design for WordPress.

A wonderful project that was desperately needed by the ecosystem. Great job!


Straightforward Easy to use Can get a website running in 5 minutes SSL Free Caching optimized Total control of server


None that I can think of. I love it and use it for all of my personal projects

Thanks for the kind review! Glad to hear it's working for you :)
Great product, super easy to use and perfect for any Wordpress developer.