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Hop Email is now Spike.

Spike upgrades the way you work, saving you and your team time, sanity, and a lot of headache. Cutting the distractions of old-fashioned inboxes, Spike gives you the cleanest, fastest productivity tool, all from within your inbox.

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Gink Smokebacon
Paul Shuteyev
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  • Pros: 

    Clever design paradigm.


    Creating a group automatically spammed everybody in the group with an invite email.

    Automatically sending emails to my contacts without even asking is a dick move. Now everybody is irritated with me and I'm irritated with your product. Ignore your "growth hacker" and exercise some restraint. If the product is good it will grow organically.

    Roman has used this product for one day.
  • Auliya Go
    Auliya GoHello world.

    increases comprehension & retention w/paradigm-shift to "talking"; makes email more approachable and engaging as a task; eliminates bullshit


    Just not mature yet - needs more complete feature set.

    My wife and I have adopted this app wholesale. We live in it. We have feedback and feature requests. If the developer would like us to post here, let us know. We're happy to provide.

    Auliya Go has used this product for one month.
  • Kugihama Gazer
    Kugihama GazerI'm a monster

    It's very useful


    No dark theme (yet?)

    It turns email threads to conversations which is very nice.

    Also the way it separates real email from newsletters - it's so simple but works excellent.

    Kugihama Gazer has used this product for one month.