Spider Pro

The easiest way to scrape the internet.

#5 Product of the WeekAugust 23, 2019
Spider Pro is the easiest tool to scrape the internet. Simply point and click to turn websites into organized data and download them as JSON/CSV. No coding or configurations required.
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Congrats on the launch, the product seems interesting! Is there a trial (even for 1 day)? I had been using scrapers for years, and would love to test it before purchasing. If it works OK, would definitely get it as the pricing is quite good :)
@maurosicard Yup, I'm working on getting the trial in place. Will be updating here when it's ready!
@amiechen01 Any chance to get trial before discount ends?
@maurosicard The trial is live! Check it out on tryspider.com
Hi there! I made Spider Pro, an easy-to-use web scraping tool that turns websites into organized data. It requires 0 configurations or programming experience, simply starts clicking to collect data! I made this tool because I couldn't find a simple and cheap solution to collect data. Most solutions out there are too complicated, too expensive and too feature-rich. I wanted something more friendlier than what was existing. Therefore, earlier this year I released Spider (the free version) and 6000+ users have tried and loved it. Since then I've been working on Spider Pro, a more robust version that answers to lots of Spider's user feedback and requests. Some key features: + Unobtrusive user interface design + Scrape paginated content with a single click + Scrape ajax loaded content + No server involved (👉zero subscription fee!) + Improved selector logic for better results + Custom selector for quirky website structures Did I mention to celebration of the launch, there's a 25% off discount till 8/31? Use "spiderbuddy" on checkout. Also, please feel free to let me know if you have any question!
There's 154 Google Search result scrapers out there but i'm always hesitant because of Google's policy of banning IP addresses (without connecting/$$ to their API) that ping google too much
congrats! what stack was this built in?
For some reason I encounter this message on Google Chrome when I try to install it through the Chrome Extensions "Apps, extensions, and user scripts cannot be added from this website", please advise.
@chriscisneros85 do you still have issues? There's a bug in Chrome's dashboard, so make sure you follow the "How to install" steps on gum.co/spiderpro. Let me know!
@amiechen01 Ok I see the "How to install" documentation was updated and now the new steps worked! Thank you! If others are reading this, please note that I had to reload the Chrome Extensions page a few times to get it to work.