Mac app that lets you display a dark overlay over the screen

Have you ever presented work on a screen or projector that completely blows out highlights or nice details of what you're presenting?
Spf is a tiny, open source, Mac app that enables you to display a dark overlay on your screen so highlights actually show up!
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1 Review5.0/5

Helps ensure that your work is shown with the same attention to detail as you intended.


Easy to use, great way to improve presentation contrast when showing design work.


None that I’ve experienced.

This might come in handy. Features: - Set a dark overlay on your screen or external monitor Boom! Easy as that. We had a similar tool when I worked at Facebook and ever since I left the company I've been wanting something similar. But it's such a simple concept I figured why not make it lightweight and open source?
@tannerc Thank you so much. Been waiting for a tool like this. Hoping this will work on some not so good external monitors as well
Love the name, @tannerc. 😎
This is handy. Always suck when you present and highlights and gray shades get blown out.