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Until you have bank syncing I am not sure this is very usable
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@ourielohayon In Australia we have https://www.producthunt.com/tech... which has bank feeds
@zacdavies here in the USA I use mint and billguard
@ourielohayon - Would love to have automation in a service like this, but do think it's rather usable as is. I've been using a hacked together system (Forms as app -> Sheets as db -> Dashboards, email reports) for this exact purpose. The automated systems (Mint, my bank has a great one) are perfect for managing/reporting on high level finances, but not for managing budgets or spending habits. The extra work required is worth it if you want to understand where you're spending (Venmo balance/withdrawal or ATM withdrawal doesn't tell you where the cash went, or if it's still in your wallet). I also want to be able to track my SPENDING on CC's instead of my PAYMENTS on CC's so I can use zero sum accounting for the current month, instead of next month. TLDR: IMO the use case is different than the one solved by current automated systems. But the more syncing, the better. @lukasstibor - Look forward to trying this out!
@ourielohayon Thanks for your feedback Ouriel. We're working on it and we want to launch sync with US bank as soon as possible for our premium users.
@ggnall Thanks for the insightful comment. I was always wondering how to tackle the things you mentioned, and it made sense the way you described it
We launched our app Spendee almost 2 years ago. We didn't expect that the app will be so popular and after the first months Spendee was being used by over 100 000 people. Over 13 months ago we began to work on Spendee 2.0 where we had great challenges to move Spendee from a simple financial app to an advanced application for not only yours but also your family / friends finances and maintain the simplicity that our users really liked in the first version of Spendee. We did it! It took as very long but we think that we succeeded in maintaining the simplicity and at the same time we move Spendee forward once more and prepared many new functions.
@lukasstibor So can we not sync our bank accounts? Everything has to be entered manually?
@henkholveck that's correct. We're working on sync with bank right now but it's really complicated.
@lukasstibor what aspect is the most challenging? security, data normalization,...?
@lukasstibor Why would you not integrate with Yodlee or Plaid to take care of aggregating the bank transactions?
@lukasstibor bank's don't have public APIs. You are wasting your time or your dev team is bending the truth. Unless of course you are building scrapers for banks (like Yodlee does) to get this data? Speak to Yodlee.com - they have APIs in place for you to connect to. I believe Intuit also offers a similar service.
Absolutely love this app! For over a year been looking for something that did exactly what spendee does. Probably my favourite app i've found on PH so far. Great job @lukasstibor and the CLEEVIO team.
@yelebademosi Thanks a lot. We really appreciate it.
I'm craving an alternative to Mint.com. From the website, I cannot gather whether or not I'm able to link with my credit and debit cards? If so, this needs to be made much more clear. If not, then I think you lost me. I make multiple transactions every day. I'm expected to take my phone out and manually enter each transaction to the cent for every purchase? Half of my purchases I don't even remember what the total was, because it was something nominal like $5.34. EDIT: I see people have brought up the same issue, so I take it that it's currently not possible to sync with my plastic. Oh well!
Guys at CLEEVIO good luck & congrats on 2.0, I am pretty sure you can nail the bank sync 3.0 or even sooner.
@mskakala Thanks Martin!