Tax savings calculator

Self-employed or own a limited company? Spence helps you calculate the tax savings on any given cost of doing business! Buying things for business purposes lowers your tax bill at the end of the year and this, in turn, means there's a related saving on each business purchase.




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Ian Nuttall@iannuttall · Jack of all trades
Looks nice! I have a strange obsession with taxes and a not-so-strange obsession with not paying it whenever possible. Would like to see a free version of this too :)
Steve DixonMaker@smd · iOS Dev. Chief Design Officer at Strong.
@iannuttall Thanks so much! I’m keen to explore what a free version of Spence might look like! I have a lot of ideas on the roadmap for Spence! I’d love to hear what that might look like for you!
Paul Thomson@thomsonaus · Customer Advocate at Buffer
Nice one, Steve!! LOVE IT, MATE!!
Steve DixonMaker@smd · iOS Dev. Chief Design Officer at Strong.
@thomsonaus Thanks, man! Beyond grateful for your support!!
Brian Peters@brian_peters1 · Digital Marketing + Social @Buffer
Awesome work, Steve! Just showed this to my wife Katelyn who is self-employed 🤗 Can't wait to give it a try!
Darcy Peters@thedarcypeters · Twitter Happiness Hero, Buffer
Sooo cool! Great work, Steve! I can’t wait to start saving. 🤑