Test your download speed using SpeedTest on the command-line


Test your internet connection speed and ping using speedtest.net from the CLI.

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Justin M
Goran Čeko
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  • Justin M
    Justin MSystems Engineer, F1-Networks

    Interface is clean


    Results are inaccurate

    This is just a wrapper around https://github.com/ddsol/speedtest.net which is basically the same, so not sure the need for this package. All of these CLI tools for speedtest.net suffer from very inaccurate speeds. Check the discussion here https://github.com/ddsol/speedtest.net/issues/11

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  • Michael McCoy
    Michael McCoyUX Engineer

    Simplicity and convenience.


    If it could somehow give me more bandwidth, but apart from that I think its perfect.

    Sindre is the man!

    Michael McCoy has used this product for one month.
  • Daan Debie
    Daan DebieSoftware Smith @ Joy in Coding

    Clean interface, easy to use, export to JSON useful for automation


    Reported results are not consistent with my actual speed and reports from speedtest.net

    speed-test reports around half of the ping, download and upload speed that speedtest.net reports

    Daan Debie has used this product for one day.
  • Daksh Miglani
    Daksh Miglani16, Just another Full Stack Programmer.

    Allows you to check your Connection Speed in an Instant without opening a website.


    It doesn't allow you to choose the server, hence you cannot check your speed relative to another server.

    Helpful Indeed, Just a single con down and It will be one of the best cli tools I've used :)

    Daksh Miglani has used this product for one day.
  • Yuriy Marchenko
    Yuriy MarchenkoDeveloper willing to build own products

    It's CLI so I don't have to leave term and go to browser


    Not found yet

    It's good enough to use

    Yuriy Marchenko has used this product for one day.